How To Order:

Ordering prints at Ace Blueprinters is easy and simple. You can order either by phone, fax, e-mail or office visit. If you have a question and would like to talk to a person, please call 321/725-1244 and we will help you find a solution to your inquiry.

Simply pick up the phone and dial 321/725-1244 for direct access to the shop. Our fax number is 321/725-8130. Please know the name of the job you are interested in having printed before calling as our files are stored by job name. If you indicate the trade that you represent, we will help you select the sheets required to prepare your bid on the job. If the job is too large or complex, it might be best to request the entire set to insure that you receive all the necessary information.
By calling ahead, we can have your request printed and ready for you when you come in for pick-up.

For a fee, we are able to e-mail a digital copy of most plans you require since all of our jobs are stored electronically. We can help you select sheets according to either your trade or send you the
entire set, if that is more appropriate. If you have plans stored on an electronic file and would like to forward those plans to Ace Blueprinters to be printed, the process is simple. E-mail your
plans to aceblue@aceblueprinters.com. Please be as specific as possible with your needs and requirements as you list them within your e-mail request. We can process & print the following files: AutoCad (dwg), pdf, dxf, dwf, plt or tif. Many e-mail clients have a send/receive capacity of 10 megabytes so it would be advisable to zip any large files or split the files into more than one transmission.


Our Office:

Our address is 2237 South Babcock Street, Melbourne, FL 32901. The shop is located 1 ½ blocks south of the intersection of HWY 192 and Babcock Street. We are located on the east side of the street in a strip mall immediately behind a small yellow insurance building. Within our office, we maintain a library of jobs on file. You will have the opportunity to select the pages you desire as you review the plans. In
most cases we will be able to complete your request while you wait. The same process applies if you bring in a set of plans you would like
reproduced. Scanning and printing can be completed while you wait. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card (Visa/ Mastercard) or an established business charge account.